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We believe every individual and team is sitting on a mountain of untapped personal potential. People often fail to notice this untapped potential because it exists in the more subtle, intangible space of thought, feelings, attention and intuition.  Although they know these things are very real, there is a tendency to overlook what can’t be seen, heard, smelled, tasted or touched.  Instead, people look for answers in things that are more familiar and tangible and all but ignore the mental game that allows them to access their untapped potential.

At Satoruum we draw from the fields of performance theory, psychometrics, sports psychology, quantum physics and Vedism, the oldest spiritual tradition known to man. We measure and analyze the more intangible building building blocks of performance and empower people to unlock their full potential and live their dreams.

Andrew Pardy, Managing Director, Satoruum

Andrew Pardy, Satoruum

Andrew has 20 years of global professional experience consulting with and working for companies such as Merrill Lynch and Microsoft.  He is a 4 year CIAU athlete and coach and went on to compete at the national level for over a decade.  Andrew understands the pressure-cooker situations in both business and sporting contexts and is uniquely positioned to help elite level talent perform at their best when it matters the most. 

Andrew holds an undergraduate degree in Commerce from Memorial University of Newfoundland, a Masters in Business Administration from Clarkson University in New York and he holds a Masters Level Certification in the administration and interpretation of TAIS, the world’s most advanced performance psychology assessment tool.

Andrew has served on the board of TMAC (Treasury Management Association of Canada) and chaired the Career Management Board committee of the CFA Society Toronto where he was honored as volunteer of the year.  Andrew has written articles for Canadian Treasurer, the Analyst Magazine and The Mississauga News.

In his spare time, Andrew can be found in the dressing room of his recreational league hockey team, on the soccer fields of Mississauga, Ontario where he coaches both his 14 year old twin daughter’s and 9 year old daughter’s soccer teams or on a volleyball court when he serves as head coach of the U14 Oakville Thunder Girls volleyball team.
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