Satoruum selected as finalist for regional innovation centre technology incubator

Satoruum is pleased to announce that we have been selected as a finalist for the residence program at the Regional Innovation Center Technology Incubator. We are honored to be in the top 1% of member companies at the incubator. We are transforming the way talent is evaluated and developed in elite level sports, we are excited about our future and are pleased to partner with the RIC Center.

Throwing my first pitch at the MIT Sports Analytics Conference

Headlined by the likes of Mark Cuban, Billy Beane and Adam Silver, the Commissioner of the NBA, the 11th Annual Conference in Boston was the place to be for any sports junkie or sports entrepreneur looking for a weekend of entertainment. As a former athlete myself, who's now delving into the business of sports analytics, I immediately felt right at home amid the other participants.

This year’s Conference included an amazing line up of speakers and panel discussions ranging from The Florida Panther’s draft selection strategies, to how to identify and train an Olympic gold medal cyclist. It was a great opportunity for me to gain valuable insight into the world of sports analytics and the leading edge technologies that are being deployed to track the moving parts of every sport.

With a variety of competitions taking place during the Conference, I was honoured to have been chosen to participate in the Start-Up Competition. After months of preparation I showed up ready to create buzz about Satoruum's corner of the sports analytics world. Satoruum specializes in providing our clients, both individual athletes and teams, data, analysis and training that optimize the mental side of sport performance.

My pitch at the competition focused on quantifying the intangible aspects of sport performance and using that data to help athletes improve performance outcomes.  With so much emphasis on the physical aspects of performance at the Conference, a discussion about the mental side of sports peaked the interest of many.  I had folks from MLB, NBA, NHL and of all things the AFL or professional Aussie rules football league stop by for a chat. I am pleased to report that I am now in partnership discussions with teams from each of these leagues.

Everyone seemed to agree that unlocking the mental side of performance gives you access to clarity, calm, and mental strength, the key ingredients for a winning mind. In essence, Satoruum is your gateway to 'The Zone,' the ultimate place to be in sports, and in life. To learn more about how to optimize the mental side of your sport visit